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Firm Overview

Lynchburg, Virginia, Law Firm

contextualTeamwork and strategic vision are the hallmarks of Freeman, Dunn, Alexander, Gay Lucy & Coates, PC Our attorneys excel at resolving complex legal issues. We strive to provide our clients with risk-management strategies to mitigate legal disputes, anticipate tax consequences, and manage other complications. We represent commercial clients and individuals at all levels of the court system with issues such as business formation, tax and estate planning, and family law. Attorney Terrance Dunn is also a certified public accountant (CPA). As a tax lawyer and CPA, Mr. Dunn can fully address the tax advantages and complications of virtually all legal transactions.

Please contact Freeman, Dunn, Alexander, Gay Lucy & Coates, PC , to arrange your consultation with a tax lawyer.

Integrated services

At Freeman, Dunn, Alexander, Gay Lucy & Coates, PC , we take pride in offering integrated services geared to the specific needs of our clients. For example, a business law client may also have needs that involve tax planning, a commercial real estate purchase, and estate planning. We are highly experienced in complex estate planning, estate administration, and estate litigation. A criminal defense client wants to feel confident in our trial experience. A physician may use us to defend a malpractice suit and protect their hard-earned assets. Our relationships with physicians and others in the medical field allow us to fully address the needs of our injured clients-we strive to help with maximum medical and financial recovery. We assist our clients with their immediate goals, engage them in risk-management strategies, and facilitate resolution of their disputes.

We invite you to contact Freeman, Dunn, Alexander, Gay Lucy & Coates, PC , to schedule your consultation.