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Experienced Trial Attorneys Taking On Complex Civil Lawsuits

Civil disputes and lawsuits can involve family members, business owners, and virtually any type of person or entity. Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, has a team of experienced trial attorneys who are fully prepared to handle a broad range of civil litigation. We represent clients in civil lawsuits at all levels of complexity — from small claims court to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Do you need an experienced trial attorney to represent you in a civil lawsuit? Contact Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, today to schedule your consultation.

Unraveling Complex Legal Issues

Our firm takes pride in our reputation for aggressive, effective and efficient representation in and out of the courtroom. We are proud of the results we have obtained on behalf of our clients by using a strategic vision to resolve complex legal issues. Our firm represents clients in civil lawsuits that involve issues such as:

Risk Management And Preventing Disputes

In addition to representing individuals, families and businesses in disputes, we regularly advise clients on strategies to mitigate potential conflicts. Our firm has extensive knowledge of highly technical and complicated areas of law. We are often able to head off issues before they become contentious. Please contact Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, to learn more. Call 434-234-8388.