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Devoted To Service, Driven By Clients’ Needs

Teamwork and strategic vision are the hallmarks of Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC. Our attorneys dedicate their talents and efforts to resolving complex legal issues. We provide up-to-date risk-management strategies to mitigate legal disputes, anticipate tax consequences and manage  complications for the betterment of our clients.

We represent commercial clients and individuals at all levels of the court system, handling issues that include business formation, tax and estate planning, personal injury and family law. Our team approach and our sense of strategic vision drive everything we do.

Read about our attorneys’ individual backgrounds and qualifications by viewing their profiles.

We also remember and give credit to attorney Carroll P. Freeman (1944–2003), who was a valued partner of our firm until the end of his life. We are proud to serve Mr. Freeman’s clients, along with many newer ones, with the conscientiousness and diligence that they expect.

The attorneys at Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, work hard to resolve complex legal issues for both commercial clients and individuals. Our clients’ cases are addressed through all levels of the court system, from small claims court to the U.S. Supreme Court.

An Integrated Approach To The Practice Of Law, From Tax Planning To Estate Administration

At Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, we take pride in offering integrated services geared to the unique needs of our clients.

For example, a business law client may also have needs that involve tax planning and estate planning. Attorney Terrance Dunn is a certified public accountant (CPA). As a tax lawyer and CPA, he is well-equipped to address the tax advantages and complications associated with a full range of legal transactions.

Our criminal defense clients are reassured by our trial experience. Our relationships with physicians and others in the medical field allow us to fully address the needs of our injured clients, and we strive to help with maximum medical and financial recovery. In addition, physicians turn to us for defense in malpractice suits as we fight to protect their hard-earned assets and reputations.

We are highly experienced in complex estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation.

Our Mission In A Nutshell

We assist our clients with their immediate goals, engage them in risk-management strategies and facilitate resolution of their disputes with an eye on their long-term best interests.

We invite you to contact Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, to schedule your consultation. Send an email inquiry for a prompt response or call 434-234-8388.