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Working To Collaboratively Resolve Divorce And Other Issues

At Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, we strive to settle divorces and family law matters outside of court. We believe in reaching a resolution that is fair and agreed upon by all the parties involved. This can be achieved through the process of collaborative law.

Our attorneys are skilled in facilitating collaborative law discussions. We can help you and your spouse and his or her attorney resolve divorce and other issues in a non-adversarial way. Contact our Lynchburg law firm at 434-234-8388 to learn more about the collaborative law process.

Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution method that has become commonly used to resolve divorce issues. Through collaborative law, couples can reach a divorce settlement that encapsulates the goals and wishes of all the parties involved.

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse retains a lawyer trained in the collaborative process. At the onset, the spouses and the attorneys agree in writing to not go to court. They will meet to openly discuss the needs and desired outcomes of each spouse. The meeting is also a time to put everything out on the table and disclose essential information like assets and income.

What separates the collaborative process from litigation is the opportunity for spouses to work together and brainstorm options. By candidly weighing the options, the parties are able to agree to a solution that may not have been available if the divorce was litigated.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you want to explore collaborative law as a possible method to resolve your divorce, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. Our law office is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Contact Freeman, Dunn, Lucy & Coates, PC, at 434-234-8388 to learn more.